summer residentsIt is important for any landlord to engage with their residents from time to time. Maintaining consistent contact will result in residents who are invested in your property. Residents who feel connected and engaged tend to stay longer, cutting down on turnover and vacancy costs. Here are three ways to reach out and engage residents this summer.

Resident Functions

Functions are a great way to engage residents. They are also a perfect venue to announce new projects, regulations, or programs happening within your property. They do not have to be fancy –  something as simple as a movie night, potluck, or game night are great budget-friendly ways to vitalize your community. Residents will have face-to-face time with each other and the management staff, stimulating dialogue and fostering connections. Don’t have a big budget for a function? No problem! Potlucks require very little out-of-pocket expense and you can encourage people to bring their favorite family recipes. Clubhouses, pools, and tennis courts make perfect gathering areas for outdoor movies, barbecues, or pool parties. Make sure to advertise your function early and often with the help of email blasts, paper notifications, and fliers in your property’s common areas.

Community Facebook Page

In today’s technology age, many people turn to sites like Facebook to stay in touch. A free community Facebook page is a great way to share information with your residents. It also serves as a communication tool for residents to ask questions, post concerns, and generally keep you informed of your property. Share pictures of on-going projects, advertise your resident functions, and post your vacancies. The back-and-forth from engaged community members could lead to discovering deferred maintenance or potential criminal activity, which you can proactively solve with the help of you community manager. Finally, make sure to name your Facebook page after your community and that it is registered as a “Page” not a “Profile”.

Maintenance Technicians

Your boots-on-the-ground maintenance technicians interface with your residents every day. Keep an up-to-date picture of the quality of service you are providing with the help of paper surveys. If your management software has a survey feature even better! You can activate this feature to send a survey every time a work order is completed. Be sure to reward your team for excellent service with gift cards or bonuses. Also, follow up with residents who submit a survey or comment card with a thank you note or email. You should also take this time to promptly address any unsatisfactory comments you may receive. Happy maintenance technicians are professional and courteous. They will go above and beyond to help a resident feel safe and comfortable in their apartment. They are your rental business’s front line, so do not overlook them when considering ways to keep your residents engaged.

People want to live in vibrant communities where they feel connected and engaged. The result will be loyal, long-term residents who care about your property.  These examples are a few ways you can engage residents and grow a community they are proud to call home. Contact us today and see how we can help you improve the way your residents live.

Posted by: The Management Works on June 5, 2018
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