spring cleaning tips

The weather is warming, days are getting longer, and the dust bunnies are rearing their furry heads. If you are like me, the last deep cleaning you did was months ago. In the new light of spring you notice the smudges and stains you said you would get to when sunnier days returned. Well, now they are here and it is time to freshen up your winter den. Below are five spring cleaning tips for apartment living.

1. Make a kit

Gather the necessities including all-purpose cleaner, sponges, window cleaner, rags, wipes, carpet stain remover, and a duster. Place all of these items in an easy-to-carry plastic caddy that you can take from room to room. Like a contractor with their tool belt, you will always have the necessary tool for the job within arm’s reach. This will cut down on the time it takes to look for a sponge and makes cleaning much easier and more efficient.

2. Begin by decluttering

Dusting around several small items is a pain, so before you begin, make “keep”, “toss”, and “give away” piles. Put anything you wish to keep and will organize later in the “keep” pile. Likewise, anything you wish to get rid of can either end up in the “toss” pile for trash or the “give away” pile for donating to second-hand stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Once you have well-defined piles get rid of as much stuff before starting the general cleaning.

3. Work from top to bottom

An easy way to organize your cleaning is by prioritizing higher places first and moving downwards to the floor. For example, take an extendable duster and clear out the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. Next, dust shelves, wipe down counters, and vacuum furniture. Lastly, clear spots on the carpets, vacuum, and mop. By moving from top to bottom you are sure to capture any dust and dirt that may have fallen and settled onto your floors.

4. Break it down by room

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning your entire apartment. Instead, think of it as a series of rooms. Start with smaller rooms like closets, bedrooms and hallways, and work your way up to larger, harder to clean rooms. This takes advantage of the snowball effect, where small actions cascade into additional motivation to complete your project. If you feel like only doing a little each day, that is fine too.

5. Finish with lesser used areas

Once all the rooms have received a good once-over, return to catch places you don’t normally clean. One example of this is the fridge. You will want to wipe down shelves and drawers and check all food for expiration dates. Anything passed its sell-by date should be thrown out. Take this time to also clean under beds, dust curtains, and the base of any toilets. These are often overlooked and can make a difference in the overall feel of cleanliness in your apartment.

Use these tips to get a leg up on the spring cleaning season. They will save you time and sanity and your apartment will be a fresh and clean. Are you are looking for a new place to live? Visit our website’s vacancy listings and follow our blog for more apartment tips this year!

Posted by: The Management Works on March 30, 2018
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