fall maintenance

While we all love the season changes bringing sweaters, pumpkins, and football it also brings maintenance requests for pilot lights and roof leaks. Listed below are four maintenance items you should be completing before the temperature drops and the weather arrives. Doing these four things will save you time and money and your residents will appreciate your preparation.

Change Furnace Filters/Check HVAC System

If your units have a central HVAC system, the end of summer is a good time to check your furnace filters. If they are dirty or dusty, changing them is quick and affordable, and residents will enjoy better air quality. As an owner, a more efficient heating system will save you money on energy costs. Be sure to remind residents to turn on their furnace before cooler weather comes. This allows them to air out the ducts while keeping the windows open. It removes dust build-up and ensures they know how to operate it before the year’s first cold-snap. Finally, gas companies will come, check, and light pilot lights for you. They make sure all the connections are secure and that there is no maintenance necessary. Be proactive and make sure your HVAC system is ready for fall.

General Roof Maintenance

When fall arrives, sometimes it brings rain. Roofs that have been baking in the sun all summer long can crack and deteriorate. This leaves openings where water can intrude into your property. Hiring a roofing vendor to do an inspection is a great way to ensure your units are weather-ready. They will look for broken shingles, sealant cracks, and fascia separation. As with HVAC vendors, roofers get very busy once the weather is here. Call early to ensure prompt service. It pays to check this item as water intrusion can be extremely expensive to correct.

Gutter/Drain Clean Outs

In the same vein as roof maintenance comes drain and gutter maintenance. Gutters and drains collect leaves and debris all year long, which can clog and cause major flooding to your property. During your roof inspection, have your roofer also clean out any gutters on the property. This is an easy and affordable option that will reduce the chance of water intruding into your units. Be sure to also clean out any property drains. These are usually located in parking areas or walkways where rainwater collects and is returned to the street’s storm drains. Make sure to clear these before the rain so you are not stuck cleaning them out during a downpour.

Doors and Windows Maintenance

One overlooked maintenance item is weather-stripping for doors and windows. It is an affordable fix that will save you money on heating costs. Check doors and windows for broken or missing weather-stripping during inspections and replace as needed. They will create a firm seal on your exterior doors that keeps out drafts and moisture. Inspect windows for proper seals and broken panes. These can go unreported by residents who are not aware of what to look for. A broken pane or an improperly sealed window can cause moisture intrusion, which can lead to mold. Repair broken windows and make sure they are properly sealed before fall to reduce these risks.

Performing these maintenance items is a great way to ensure your properties are ready for the colder months. They will save you money on last minute repairs when vendors are too busy with other jobs. If your current management is not addressing these items take the time to research what a professional property management company can do for you.

Posted by: The Management Works on September 22, 2017
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